Does the use of modern technology impair memory?

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Are you unable to remember more than two phone numbers? Then you may be a « victim » of new technologies. Chances are, it is easier for you to store information on your hard disk, electronic organizer or mobile phone, rather than use your memory.

This finding is the result of a study on 3000 subjects by Dr. Ian Robertson, a Professor of Psychology from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

The study shows that the under-30 generation was less likely to memorize such pieces of information than over-50s who are less keen on new technologies and use their memory more. We have learned to « outsource » our memory by storing this kind of information on mobile devices and computers rather than our own brain. « The less you use of your memory, the poorer it becomes, » said Dr. Robertson.

So do your memory a favor and challenge yourself to remember important details rather than rely on electronic devices. Your brain will thank you in the long run!

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