• Unusual Brain Facts

    8 Unusual Facts About Your Brain
    This week we explore eight unusual facts you may or may not know about your brain. Do you know other unusual facts not on the list below? Please let us know by including them in the comment section below.

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    5 Strategies to Improve Memory
    It's important to remind ourselves of some of the simple ways to improve memory. Here are five methods to improve memory based on scientific research

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    Adult brains can change!
    Young brains are plastic. This means that they can change and reorganize to adapt to deficits. Is it the case for older brains as well? Recent research suggests that the answer is yes!

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    Amnesia to order

    Imagine being able to remember every meal, every conversation, every one of your words and every one of your actions? While the ravages of time on our memories have been widely discussed, we know much less about the virtues of forgetting. And yet the primary function of the memory is to forget: the brain is […]

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    What awareness is there in a coma patient?

    What happens in the minds of people who have fallen into a coma? Are they aware of the world around them, can they hear us, or maybe even understand us? One British researcher, Adrien Owen, has dedicated part of his work to exploring this fascinating question. Over the past decade, his team has been accumulating […]